How i Work

The way I like to work is to meet the dog and owner in there own home, I can see the dog and see if the dog likes me. Then I can go through my paperwork, insurance, licence and explain how I work and give the owner a chance to ask questions. I will leave a registration form to be completed by the owner, which needs to be returned to me at my home visit. If I'm happy with meeting the dog and owner we arrange to go for a short walk with there dog and mine (a Husky and Lab), if the dogs get on, the dog and its owner then come back to my house straight after the walk. This enables me to show the owner where the dog will be staying and for the dog to have a look round as well. If everyone is happy we book you in.
I work this process for everyone including family.


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I am very proud to say that i have been given a 5 star rating and granted a  3 year Licence by South Gloucestershire Council.